Honoring The Past, Living The Present , Dreaming The Future

Create opportunities thru music education for all children of any culture and any income level with the potential of developing a professional career in the music industry.


Established in 2000 by it’s founder Jose Antonio Diaz, Diaz Music Institute (DMI) boasts a rigorous and rewarding learning opportunity of the highest quality. Considered to be the top Hispanic music organization of it’s kind, DMI’s innovative programming developed by Artistic Director Jose Antonio Diaz has garnered interest and rave reviews across the world. DMI plays an active role in establishing partnerships with schools and other organizations in the city’s lower income neighborhoods. DMI has developed four programs to serve the need of the Houston area communities:

  1. Caliente, the repertoire ensemble for the Institute
  2. Noché Caliente an evening music festival
  3. Latin Jazz Summer Workshop
  4. Latin Jazz Jam Music Festival

What We Do!

  • Focus on the development of Latin music
  • Study composers and musician that were pivotal
  • Focus on the development of Afro-Latin music
  • Study composers and musician that were pivotal
  • Nurture students thru an outreach program with strong musical substance
  • Develop a mentor program for students

How We Help Kids?

Students who participate in the Diaz Music Institute programs leave with a full toolbox of behaviors that virtually guarantee their success in whatever career path they choose. These include teamwork, self-confidence, leadership, self-discipline, time management, marketing, problem solving, networking, entrepreneurship, creativity, and improvisation, among others. These values are taught through:

  • Strictly enforced rehearsal schedules for the numerous performances
  • Summer workshops that give students direct contact with many of Latin music’s greatest performers
  • Teaching students to set and achieve high goals
  • Developing leadership and mentoring skills

Can music help kids?

According to the Texas Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Report “Secondary students who participated in band or orchestra reported the lowest lifetime and current use of all substances (alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs). In addition music helps students:

  • Boosting their brain power
  • Improves their memory
  • Helps them socially
  • It’s a confidence builder
  • Teaches patience
  • Teaches discipline
  • Fosters creativity


  • Twice selected by the National Arts and Humanities Program Award as a finalist.
  • 100 % high school student graduation.
  • DMI’s youth group “Caliente” has performed the Midwest Clinic, Oregon Music Educators Association, MENC, Jazz Education Network, Texas Bandmasters Association, and Texas Music Educators Association.
  • Recognized as one of the best Hispanic Arts Organizations in the City of Houston by Houston’s KPRC (Local 2) television station.
  • Founder and Artistic Director Jose Antonio Diaz selected as a Jefferson Awardee.