Summerwood Elementary After-school Music Program

Summerwood Elementary After-school Music Program February 6th- May 3, 2018

DMI After-School Program engages students in a diverse music program where they will learn the importance of balancing school with music performance. DMI strongly believes an after-school outreach program with strong musical substance is essential for motivating kids. Students learn about music, but the focus is to motivate them to stay focused and to learn how to multi-task. DMI’s mission is to help students become self-reliant and intrinsically motivated. The program empowers kids with an approach to education that involves listening and dialogue in an attempt to bring critical awareness.

Classes includes:

Drum Circle, Latin Percussion, Drum-Set, Bass Guitar, and Guitar, Rock Band, Dance and more! Student taking guitar and bass guitar classes must provide their own instruments! For more information please call 832-858-5855.